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Settlement Mechanisms of Belarus and Russia plan to make it less dependent on the fluctuations

This was the TV channel ONT said State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota


Alexander Lukashenko: The initiative to create the economic belt of the Silk Road - this is a great idea in the name of unification and creation

The Head of State spoke about the prospects of the Belarusian-Chinese cooperation with a focus on the implementation of the concept of the Silk Road


Genetics of Belarus and Russia spoke about the program "DNA identification"

It is designed for five years and includes two main blocks of research in the field of medical genetics and in the field, aimed at developing criminalistics


Irina Pavlovskaya: On the issue of financing of Union programs should be treated more harshly

Head of the Department of Finance and fiscal policy of the Union State Standing Committee took part in the meeting of the committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia on Budget and Finance


Belarus and Russia plan to share information about debtors and their assets

This is today's press conference, journalists said the Minister of Justice of Belarus Oleg Slizhevskaya


Belarusian literature will appear in bookstores St. Petersburg

This is today's press conference, journalists said Information Minister of Belarus Lilia Ananich


Russia and Belarus have agreed to work together to deal with problems in the economy

Alexander Lukashenko and Dmitry Medvedev held an informal meeting in Sochi


The construction units of Belarusian NPP is on schedule

The pace of construction are on the special control of the P resident elarusi B and P ravitelstva Republic


In the Union State implemented 7 programs in the amount of 2 billion 54 million Russian rubles in 2016

The potential in the field of scientific and technical cooperation gives hope to increase the number of programs


"In Belarus and Russia, there are a number of common challenges for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources", - Elena Gulevich

Such an opinion was expressed by Head of Department of Economy and sectoral programs of the Standing Committee of the Union State


Grigory Rapota: Today we have to focus all attention on scientific and technical progress

Union State Secretary answered questions from journalists after the meeting held on February 3 with the representatives of ministries and departments of the Russian Federation - the state customers coordinators and government customers of programs and activities, supervised by the Department of defense industry and military-technical cooperation of the Standing Committee


Results Union programs work to the benefit of the economies of Russia and Belarus - Vladimir Gusakov

On this day before a meeting on the results of the implementation of programs and activities of the Union State of Belarus National Academy of Sciences, chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences Vladimir Gusakov


Valentina Medvedeva: Belarusian and Russian scientists are working on more efficient use of hydrocarbons

Experts realize his idea in the framework of the Union State program "SKIF Nedra", which started in April 2015, said deputy executive director of the program


Roadmap program "SKIF Nedra" developed in the Union State

Told portal www.soyuz.by said deputy executive director of program Valentina Medvedeva


The program "SKIF Nedra" will reduce the dependence of Russian science from Western technology

Told portal www.soyuz.by spoke at the Joint Institute of Informatics Problems NASB


Grigory Rapota: specialists, experts of both countries, the Standing Committee of the Union State as a whole are ready for the Supreme Council

Union State Secretary met January 18 with President of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko suggested at the meeting to hold a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State in Minsk


In the Yaroslavl region in the competition "from Rybinsk - space" chosen symbol of the city

He will travel to the ISS together with cosmonauts Alexei Ovchinin


Union State: remembering 2015

To participate in the organization of the Union State Supreme State Council to conduct media forums dedicated to the Great Victory and development of scientific research, as well as sports days, press tours, journalistic and literary competitions. And this is only a small part of the activities of the Standing Committee of the Union State in 2015