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The best education in Europe

In Moscow in Expocentre from 7 to 9 October was held Moscow international salon of education is the largest Russian educational forum, co-organized by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation. Opened the salon Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov.


In Minsk began to work the Center for analytical and genetic engineering research

In the Minsk Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus started the Center for analytical and genetic engineering research. It is planned that the Centre will be included in the cluster "Baligrod", which will be engaged in scientific research and development in biotechnology.


Belarusian healthcare better than the us

No sooner were the representatives of Belarus and Russia to discuss in Moscow joint training of medical personnel, as the Agency had spread the news - the annual ranking of the efficiency of national health systems, prepared by Bloomberg, has put Belarus on the two positions above US. And despite the fact that the Republic appeared in the rankings for the first time. And the citizens of post-Soviet space have long been aware that the Belarusian health care is the best in the CIS.


The pride of Russian medical schools

the Famous "Pyrohivka" (now the Russian national research medical University named after N.I. Pirogov) was the place that was chosen by the Standing Committee of the Union state for a meeting of the Russian and Belarusian specialists in the field of health. And this is not surprising, because the University has a long and proud history worthy of medical change.


Russian education is gaining weight

the British company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has introduced a new ranking of world universities. This time Moscow state University. University entered the top 200 best universities in the world.


Fast breeder reactors are the future of the Russian nuclear energy

Despite all the technological progress of mankind, the bulk of electricity comes from burning coal (which is still a source of energy for 40.7 per cent of the generating capacity in the world), gas (21.2 percent), petroleum products (5.5%) and hydropower (16.2 per cent). The rest falls on nuclear energy.


Russia will support the export of innovation

"Road map"adopted by the government of the Russian Federation requires to 2018, a 40 percent increase exports of industrial high-tech products and at least twice to increase the number of exporting companies. In the list of the Association of innovative regions of Russia more than 100 high-tech companies, 75% of which - company regional. Russian state finances exporters of innovation through the Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of Finance and Vnesheconombank and spends a lot of money on it.


The Union government will intensify its efforts in space exploration

In recent years, the space industry of Russia is on the rise. Sometimes it seems that she is going through times of his youth, which came in 60-70-ies of the last century, when the Soviet Union was a leader in space exploration. In the development of space equipment and technologies in close connection with Russia is Belarus.


Russia has begun a new project on development of oil resources in the Arctic

August 9, during his stay in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin in teleconference launched one of the most promising and ambitious projects in the field of energy production.


Discussing Russia's economic policy

the Russian Government approved the Plan of implementation of the state program "Economic development and innovation economy" for 2014 and the planning period of 2015 and 2016. In addition, President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law "On strategic planning in the Russian Federation". These two events can radically change the situation in the Russian economy, to ask her a new vector, to ensure the modernization and innovative development.


Russia and the EU - year research collaboration

Russia remains a key partner for the EU in the sphere of science, ahead of the extent of the interaction of all other countries. To develop cooperation in the field of science and technology is the main goal of educational and scientific institutions of both parties.


International award for Russian mathematician

Russian mathematician, now living in France, Maxim Kontsevich became the laureate of the largest scientific prize of The Breakthrough Prize ("Breakthrough"). In mathematics this award is given for the first time, so far it has been evaluated achievements in the field of physics and natural Sciences.


Russian universities are leading in the ranking

on 18 June the British company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has published an annual ranking of the leading universities in the BRICS countries. Moscow state University. Lomonosov was included in the top three, followed by Tsinghua University and Beijing University. In the list of 200 best was 53 Russian University.


Russian-Belarusian prize for young scientists

another step has been Taken, which should contribute to the promotion and development of research - Foundation for the support of education and science (Alferov Foundation) and the national Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Belarus has established a prize for young scientists.


What does global restructuring?

At IMEMO was presented to the readers a unique collective monograph "global perestroika", which is an attempt to comprehend the new world reality, including the global economic processes, social and political strain, the new position of the centers of international influence and international security.


Russian science support grant

the Russian scientific Fund (regional nonprofit Foundation) completed the distribution of grants among the first participants of the contest "the Conduct fundamental research and exploratory research individual research groups. Was the absolute leader of Moscow state University. University, he won 83 of the grant. Moscow state University and St Petersburg state University filed the most applications - in conjunction 743.


In November, will begin construction of the Belarusian Antarctic station

In late October - early November of this year the Russian research vessel will take to the ice continent next expedition of explorers from Belarus, which will install the first module of the Belarusian Antarctic station.


Pearl astrophysics returned to Russia

Crimean astrophysical Observatory, formed on 30 June 1945 on the basis of Simeiz Department of Pulkovo Observatory, is one of the largest research institutes of the CIS. Now the issue of its status during the transition to Russian jurisdiction.


The Belarusian NPP in the international spotlight

the world Association of nuclear operators (WANO) will hold an international seminar on the basis of the state enterprise "Belarusian NPP in Ostrovets, Grodno region. The seminar is organized on the initiative of the Moscow center WANO supported by the Ministry of energy of Belarus and the state enterprise "Belarusian NPP".


Abelevsky Russian scientist award

the Abel Prize, the equivalent of the Nobel prize for mathematicians, awarded in March 2014 Russian math Yakov Sinai "for fundamental contributions to the study of dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and mathematical physics".


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