Is “independent” press unbiased?

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Republic of Belarus commented on a number of publications in Belarusian mass media re mutual relations between Venezuela and Columbia.


Events in Russia Mirrored in Mass Media

“Central Election Committee of the Russian Federation officially declared D.Medvedev an elected President of Russia” (“Rossiyskaya gazeta”).


Belarus and Russia Develop Tax Systems

In order to create equal conditions for economic players on the territory of Belarus and Russia and promote efficient functioning of common free market zone, 10 years ago the parties signed a corresponding agreement which make provisions for the unification of tax legislation. The action programme, signed in 1999 by A.Lukashenko and B.Eltsin and aimed to realize the contractual provisions on the Union State formation, stipulates the adoption of the Tax Code of the Union State.


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