Good luck to you, "Belarus"! - 60 years ago, a branded train began to run between Minsk and Moscow

On April 2, 1962, exactly 60 years ago, a branded train of the Belarusian Railway set off on its first flight from Moscow to Minsk. By coincidence, 35 years later, this very day became the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia - in 1997, the Treaty "On the Formation of the Community of Russia and Belarus" was signed. However, the train in many respects anticipated the events of the future - it became a symbol of the indestructible and strong connection between the peoples of Belarus and Russia. For 60 years, the train "Belarus" has carried more than 11 million passengers, changed many trains, but it still holds a high brand of a kind of standard on the railway, a soyuz.by correspondent says