History of Formation and Development of the Union State

Since 1992, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of the CIS, bilateral relations between Russia and Belarus have been growing within this organisation.

In accordance with the Treaty establishing the Community of Russia and Belarus it was decided to create a politically and economically integrated community in order to consolidate the material and intellectual potentials of the two states.

The Treaty establishing the Community of Russia and Belarus proposed the creation of a representative body.

On 29 April 1996, in St. Petersburg, the heads of the Parliaments of both states signed the Agreement on the Parliamentary Assembly.

In Moscow, on 2 April 1997, the Presidents of Belarus and Russia signed the Treaty on the Union of Belarus and Russia. Since then, the 2 April has been celebrated as the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia.

On 23 May 1997 the Charter of the Union of Belarus and Russia was signed.

In accordance with the Charter, the Supreme Council and the Executive Committee were established in 1997.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Community was transformed into the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia.

During 1997-1998 the executive bodies and common budget of the Union were established and the first Union programmes were developed and implemented; the Border Committee, Customs Committee and Security Committee were formed.

In January 1998 the Treaty on the United Television and Radio Broadcasting Organisation of the Union was signed.

On 25 December 1998 the Presidents signed the Declaration on the Further Unification of Belarus and Russia, the Treaty on the Equal Rights of Citizens and the Agreement on the Creation of Equal Conditions for Business Entities.

In Moscow, on 8 December 1999, the Treaty on the Creation of a Union State was signed, and the Programme of Actions of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the Implementation of the Treaty was adopted.

This Treaty came into effect after its ratification by the Parliaments of the two states on 26 January 2000.