Milestones in History

Water, salt and willow vines

In August, 60 years old, the Belarusian city of Salihorsk, was one of the founders of which was the famous hydrogeologist, Academician Gerasim Bogomolov. The son of the scientist, the chairman of the Russian Union of hydrogeologists Rosgidrogeo Yury Bogomolov told us about it


"Guerrillas tear the ways - neither to pass nor to pass"

In the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus there is a documentary exhibition "Mine" Concert "for the occupiers". It is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the "Rail War" - a major partisan operation, which was conducted from August 3 to September 15 in the occupied territory of the BSSR, the RSFSR and partially the Ukrainian SSR


How "the lightest" became a saint

On August 24, the Orthodox world celebrates the day of memory of the great Belarusian saint - the Reverend Prince Fyodor Ostrozhsky. The contribution of this person to the cause of the formation and enlightenment of Orthodox Belarus is invaluable and timeless


"That's what destiny ordered"

An elderly couple from Great Britain sets up monuments to Holocaust victims in Belarus


Gruzdov icon - shrine of White Russia

From ancient times our ancestors called July "the crown of the summer". In the midst of the suffering, they prayed in their own words: "Bless the crown of the summer of Thy mercy, Lord." Do not forget the pious peasants and bow to the nearby shrines, which were necessarily in every locality. There is such an ancient relic in the small village of Gruzdovo, Molodechno district, in the local church of the Deposition


Budslavsky Festival: "Pilgrim" to the main Catholic shrine of Belarus

On July 1-2, festive events in honor of the miraculous Budslav icon of the Mother of God will be held in the Budslav agro-town, in Myadel district of the Minsk region


Great enlightener from Turov

On June 17, on the day of the Orthodox celebration of the Council of Belarusian Saints, believers recall the ascetics who shone in White Russia during all the times of Christianity. Among them - one of the earliest Polissya saints, the heavenly patron of the city of Turov, St. Cyril of Turov


The Way of the Cross of the Grodno Shrine

Vladimir Myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God - the main shrine of the Nativity-Bogoroditsky convent in Grodno - was glorified by the first miracles exactly 140 back


"Our fallen as the sentinels"

Not far from the village of Krasnoe (Gomel region) three quarters of a century later, a mass grave of the prisoners of war of the Red Army shot by the Nazis was discovered


In the arms of Dixieland

On April 30, musicians from around the world celebrated the International Jazz Day, established by UNESCO


Holy icons of Chernobyl

For 32 years that have passed since the Chernobyl catastrophe, images associated with Chernobyl appeared in the works of Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian and even German icon painters


Yanka Mavr: "Chuyu the bizzo chalavecaga sertsa ..."

April 29 marks the 135th anniversary of the birth of a talented writer, a patriarch of Belarusian children's literature, the founder of Ivan Fedorov's adventure and scientific cognitive genre


Endured to the end. Memory of Belarusian New Martyrs

The departing April was filled with great church festivities: the Bright Resurrection of Christ (Easter), the Red Hill, the feast of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers ... And in Belarus, during the April services, three more holy martyrs are remembered and especially revered: "In the year of ungodly persecution"


Holy icons of Chernobyl

For 32 years that have passed since the Chernobyl catastrophe, images associated with Chernobyl appeared in the works of Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian and even German icon painters


Jubilee of the writer: we remember the Belarusian authors who passed the Great Patriotic War

In March this year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of four Belarusian masters of the artistic expression


The Rozhkovskaya Savior

Entering the Kazan temple of Rozhkovka village, people first gratefully grasp the wonderworking shrine of the local places - the Rozhkov Icon of the Mother of God. The appearance of this image on September 28, 1942 in the sky over Rozhkovka saved the lives of 276 peasants, sentenced by the Germans to be shot


Yehuda Pan. The Mystery of Death

March 1 is the anniversary of the death of Yudel (Yehuda) Moiseevich Pan, a wonderful artist, teacher Mark Chagall and the founder of the first private school of drawing in Belarus


Lev Artsimovich: physicist with the soul of the lyric poetry

February 25 marks the 109th anniversary of the birth of the famous Soviet physicist, whose family came from an ancient Polish-Belorussian family


The typography of the Kutain Orsha Monastery: how it was

Four centuries ago the history of the creation of the Cyrillic printing house on the basis of the Orthodox monastery in Kuteyno began


Leon Bakst. An artist who did not deserve fame

In 1866, on February 8, in Grodno, Belarus, a man was born, thanks to which Russian art acquired worldwide fame


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