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Russia celebrated

this year in Russia in may day demonstrations were attended by over 2.5 million people. Demonstration in honor of the holiday of spring and labor were in 1154 cities, the most numerous were the demonstrations in Moscow, Simferopol and Ekaterinburg - they went out of 100 thousand people. In the capital of the procession for the first time in the history of modern Russia was held on red square.


Easter, Red hill, radunica connection Belarusian and Russian traditions

April 20, Christians around the world celebrated the Passover, which this year coincided with the calendar Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. The week after Easter is called Light. This special holiday week in the life of a person. Belarus welcomes the Easter XI Easter festival in Gomel and other activities.


In Moscow there was held the Congress of the Russian military historical society

In the Central Museum of the great Patriotic war on Poklonnaya hill, Congress passed the Russian military historical society. It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the RF government Doagain, Chairman of RVIA Minister of culture of the Russian Federation V.R. Medinsky, state Secretary of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation N.A. punks and others.


Russia and Belarus are friends universities

Signed an agreement on cooperation between the Minsk state linguistic University and the Nevsky Institute of language and culture (St. Petersburg), which provides for the exchange of teachers and students, joint research work, in particular, cultural, and linguistic research.


In the Moscow Kremlin ceremony of divorce Presidential guards regiment

April 12 at the Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin was the first in this year the ceremony of divorce on foot and on horse guards of the Presidential regiment in full dress uniform. Watch the colourful spectacle came several hundred man - from Moscow, visitors, foreign tourists, including families with children.


In St. Petersburg festival of Russian theatres "Meetings in Russia"

In the Theatre "Baltic house" in Saint-Petersburg passes the XVI international festival of Russian theatres of the CIS and Baltic States "Meetings in Russia", which gives the actors and Directors the opportunity to show their performances in Russia, to see and hear each other, to carry out joint international projects.


On the screens of Belarus and Russia is a movie "Chagall, Malevich"

a Movie about two great artists, Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich, goes on the screens of the Belarusian and Russian cinemas. The author is Director Alexander Mitta - talks about the creative dispute between the two directions in contemporary painting, which found its expression in the confrontation of two great painters.


Moscow hosted the gala evening dedicated to the Day of unity of peoples of Belarus and Russia

At a gala evening dedicated to the Day of unity of peoples of Belarus and Russia, the Moscow Theatre of the Russian army on 2 April were invited prominent state and public figures of the two countries, figures of science and culture, diplomats, and representatives of the Belarusian Diaspora.


The Russian national library opened an exhibition dedicated to Daniel Granin

In St. Petersburg in the national library of Russia Boris Yeltsin opened the exhibition entitled "Soldier and writer. The 95th anniversary Dagania", dedicated to the anniversary of the writer, social activist and veteran of the great Patriotic war, honorary citizen of the Northern capital.


The standing Committee prepares an extensive cultural program to the Day of unity of peoples of Belarus and Russia

the Standing Committee believes that the Day of unity of peoples of Belarus and Russia is not only an important political and social event, but a celebration of joy and allows you to get acquainted with traditional and modern culture of the two fraternal peoples.


In Belarus higher education the most feminized

Belarus has one of the highest in the world in the number of girls enrolled in higher education per 10,000 population female.


Paralympic triumph

16 March ended Paralympic games in Sochi. The results are impressive: 80 medals were won by the Russian team - 30 gold, 28 silver and 22 bronze. Closest competitors showed a much more modest results, Ukraine - 25 medals (five gold), Germany - 15 (nine gold). The competition was attended by athletes from 45 countries.


In Moscow begins the creation of the Museum of the father and the son Melnykovych

Recently the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation announced the creation of the Moscow State Museum of Constantine and Victor Melnykovych - architect and artist whose works have become an integral part of the cultural heritage of Russia. Part of the Museum will be the famous "Melnikov house" in Krivoarbatsky lane, 10.


These streets CHAGALL... (Part 2)

Among the works of Marc Chagall, sold at prestigious auctions, a special place occupies a modest album, recently brought to the attention of the public and sold at auction at Sotheby's in new York for 602,5 thousand dollars. The book of 85 pages beginning with translations of French poems in Yiddish Bella, first love, the wife and the only Muse of the artist.


Moscow: Vladimir, the Prince against Felix Dzerzhinsky

while in Ukraine dropping from the pedestals of the statues of Lenin in Moscow in the next time there is discussion about whether to return to its "rightful" place at the Lubyanka, the statue is one of the closest associates of I. Felix Dzerzhinsky. However this time we Dzerzhinsky had an alternative - Prince Vladimir.


In Moscow there was held the presentation of the Easter festival

World-famous conductor, artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre, Valery Gergiev conducted in Moscow, the presentation program of the XIII Moscow Easter festival, which opens April 20, gala concert in the Big hall of the Conservatory and will be completed by tradition, may 9 - Victory Day.


These streets CHAGALL... (Part 1)

Vitebsk glove called the cradle of artists: this city was nursed by Marc Chagall, was not a stranger Ilya Repin and Kazimir Malevich. Throughout the Vitebsk scattered flocks of young people with easels: on the banks of the Western Dvina, Vitba and luchesy, near the town Hall and the Holy resurrection Church, and even the modern 6-thousandth of the Summer amphitheatre.


Russia triumphs

XXII Olympic games broke records on all counts: the quality of the organization, the number of spectators, the number of won medals. Thirty-three medals we won't ever! Russia has won the first place in the medal standings with the youngest in the competition structure. And this happened just four years after the fiasco in Vancouver.


Carnival - spring custom Russians and Belarusians

Carnival is my favorite national holiday. It is celebrated both in Russia and in Belarus, carefully preserving folk traditions. This year the carnival is celebrated from 24 February to 2 March. Pancake week we associate with pancakes, flavoured tea, sweet bagels, dance, songs and dances, the burning of effigies of Winter.


In the Tretyakov gallery opened an exhibition of paintings by Zinaida Serebryakova

In the State Tretyakov gallery opened the exhibition "Zinaida Serebryakova. The Paris period. Alexander and Catherine Serebryakova prepared for the 130th anniversary since the birth of the world-famous artist. Here are paintings from the collection Fund Serebryakova have never been exhibited in Russia.


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