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Grigory Rapota: The ‘Bridge of Friendship’ Literary Competition for young writers of the Union State may be hosted annually

Young writers from the Union State have taken an active part in the prestigious ‘Bridge of Friendship’ International Literary Competition. According to Grigory Rapota, Secretary of the Union State, this may become an annual competition.


Mogilev to host traditional ‘Turov Autumn’ Cinema Week

Mogilev will host the traditional ‘Turov Autumn’ Cinema Week between 25 and 30 October. The cultural event is dedicated to the memory of Victor Turov, a famous citizen of Mogilev, film director, script writer, People’s Artist of the BSSR and the USSR and Honoured Worker of Culture of the BSSR.


Painting by famous Belarusian artist is brought back to the Motherland

The first painting by the famous 19th century Belarusian artist, Walenty Wankowicz, called ‘The Portrait of poet Tomasz Zan’ has been brought back to Belarus. Experts from the State Russian Museum confirmed the authenticity of the painting and its great artistic and historical value.


Minsk hosts the ‘Sovereign Glas’ Festival of Belarusian Orthodox Chants

The Festival of Orthodox Chants took place in the Church of the ‘Sovereign’ Icon of the Mother of God (St. Elizabeth's Convent) in Minsk. With the blessing of the Minsk Metropolitan and Slutsky Filaret, Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus, the festival is organised twice a year: after Easter and after the Feast of the Intercession.


The final of the ‘Best Lesson in Literature’ 11th all-Russia competition takes place in Moscow

The final of the ‘Best Lesson in Literature’ 11th all-Russia competition took place in the Concert Hall of the Palace of Children’s (Youth) Creativity on 17 October. Students from Class 6 B of the Grigory Bruev school in Moscow won first place in the category: ‘Russia and Belarus - Brothers since the old days’.

Photo by Georgy Pogorelov


People’s tradition is a way to future

Tradition is a very delicate thing. It can be broken with ease. However it is difficult to revive, strengthen and transmit traditions to the younger generation. This is important for those who truly love their Motherland. One man of God said that patriotism is the love of one’s forefathers’ faith. We would like to add that it is also a love of the traditions set up by our forefathers.


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