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Vladimir Putin gave exhaustive answers to journalists

April 24, Vladimir Putin took part in the meeting of March BIP "Truth and justice". The issues addressed by him in answer to journalists, addressed various topics, and in General allow you to create a complete picture of the role of the media in solving the problems of citizens and cooperation with authorities.


Independence and unity

on April 22, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko sent a Letter to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly. In his speech he touched on all the issues that stand presently in front of Belarus and expressed a number of key ideas that define the main directions of development of Belarusian politics and economy in the near future.


Putin on the "Direct line"

on April 17, there was a traditional "Straight line" with the President of the Russian Federation. During the broadcast, which lasted more than 5 hours, which was broadcasted by leading Russian and international channels, V.V. Putin answered 85 citizens of Russia and other countries. As expected, he paid great attention to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the situation in Ukraine, relations with the West.


Union state conquers the cosmos

April 12 - a significant date for all mankind. On this day in 1961, Yuri Gagarin made the first flight around the Earth. For many years, April 12, we celebrate cosmonautics Day, and since 2011 is the international day of human flight into space. For these 108 minutes of triumph worked all over the Soviet Union, all the republics, including Belarus.


The most important holiday

April 2, our countries celebrate the most important date - the Day of unity of peoples of Belarus and Russia. This year held celebrations with a special scale. Special importance they gave a jubilee fifteen years of the signing of the Treaty establishing the Union state, as well as that the Day of unity will be celebrated already in the eighteenth time...


Noting the anniversary of the unity

the Creation of the Union state is an act, which really is the will of the people, not just the stroke of a pen presidents. This Association to the maximum extent consistent with what would like for normal Russian and Belarusian citizens - a life without borders, integration, unity of cultures. Union state is a people's state.


Crimea back to Russia

18 March in Moscow was held a meeting of both chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which was attended by members of the government, the government, representatives of public organizations. On the agenda there was one question is on the adoption of the Crimea and city of Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. The main was the speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.


What is behind the rise in popularity of Putin?

The results of sociological surveys show an increase in rating of Vladimir Putin. Figures suggest that the Russians approve of the President's actions, decisions taken over the past weeks, support the overall policy of the country, which today is more associated with his actions in the international arena.


Russia's first Paralympic games!

Nearing the end of the Paralympic games 2014. Now in the collection of the Russian national team 53 medals, of which twenty gold pieces. And we are much ahead of their closest rivals - the German national team with six gold and Ukraine, whose three gold medals. And judging by the mood of our athletes, medals we still will be.


March 8 we and our neighbors.

8 March is an official holiday in Russia, and Belarus. Over the years he changed his content and official content and just celebrated as a day for all women. But the older generation still sees it as a tribute to the tradition of solidarity of all women in the struggle for their rights for equal work, participation in politics and public life.


Gagarin - first means

In these days would have turned 80 years old man, whose name is known all over the world. His first stepped outside the planet's name was Yuri Gagarin. World triumph was only sixteen years after the end of the most destructive and bloody war in the history of mankind. Manned flight into space is tension, without exaggeration, the whole country.


Not gonna get us...

on Sunday with a Grand closing ceremony, the world said goodbye to the winter Olympics-2014. These games, Russia has indicated its place in the world of sport, achieving better results than the USSR in its best years. Russia has proved that they are able to carry out ambitious projects in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality. And it gave a tremendous political effect.


On the day of defender of the Fatherland!

The festival is celebrated in our country on February 23, was established in the Soviet Union in 1922 as the "Day of the red Army and Navy". He survived the troubles of the nineties and the Yeltsin era and remained an official holiday, because the government felt the need to pay tribute to the historical tradition of respect for military service. Because this tradition - folk.


The Russian budget is growing privatization

on February 17, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting where they discussed the prospects of privatization of the shares of the largest joint stock companies, the Privatization of state assets must be made in full, but given the current economic environment.


To stop the "brown plague"

Today on the wave of globalization emerge many ugly phenomenon, unacceptable for any normal person. One of them is the emergence of "neo-Nazi" international attempts to somehow justify the crimes of the Hitlerite fascism or to gloss over them, what is the greatest danger to the modern world.


The start of the holiday sports

In Sochi started the Olympics - 2014 - important sporting event of the year. After a fantastic beauty, directorial decisions, and the colorful costumes of the opening ceremony, titled "Dreams of Russia", which looked, literally, the whole world once silent conversations Western fans of "universal values" about the failure of sports.


Unified school history textbook - the finish line

Why is there a need in a single textbook? Well, at least because today for schools recommended a total of 110 history textbooks. How is it possible in this situation to talk about Federal education standards, if every school and every teacher teach at their discretion on the basis of the variation of textbooks?


Russians in Davos: a new step in relations with the U.S.

US Trade representative Michael foreman and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich discussed creating conditions similar to the mode of a free trade zone between Russia and the United States. This is supposed to be run under the auspices of the Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev informal consultative mechanism.


To grow new Lomonosovs

28 December 2013, Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On measures on strengthening of human resources". This decree was set to launch a new initiative, which provides financial support specialists received in the best foreign universities at the program level post-graduate. In the years 2014-2016 plan to spend 4.5 billion rubles


World War I restoring the ‘connecting link’

11 November, commemorating the end of World War I is one of the main events celebrated in Western countries. 95 years ago Germany and the Allied Nations signed a truce in Kompiensky Wood. The Versailles Treaty signed in June 1919 put an end to the conflict.


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