The activities of the Standing Committee


Session of the expert-media seminar "Theater Culture in the Union State: Interconnections and Influence", which was held in Moscow on March 14-15.


Grigory Rapota held several working meetings with the leadership of the National Assembly and the Government of Belarus

Both sides discussed topical issues of the Belarusian-Russian relations


Development of cooperation between the regions of Belarus and Russia, implementation of the Union State budget and the tourist potential of the border zone were discussed in Orsha

Participation in the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Budget and Finance, which was held in Orsha, was received by Oleg Lesnov, Deputy Head of the Department of Economics and Sector Programs of the Permanent Committee of the Union State


State Secretary of the Union State congratulated the Belarusian militia with his anniversary

Grigory Rapota noted that the exploits of employees in combating crime, both in peacetime and in wartime, will forever remain in the memory of people


State Secretary of the Union State congratulates Buddhists of Russia on the New Year on the Lunar Calendar

Grigory Rapota noted that the holiday Sagaalgan has deep historical roots, and also symbolizes good hopes and expectations


The State Secretary of the Union State presented to the staff of the new TV channel TRO Head - Nikolai Efimovich

Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota visited the Representation of TRO in Ostankino television and presented to the staff of the new chairman of the Broadcasting Organization of the Union State


Margarita Levchenko: Issues of cooperation between Russia and Belarus in the humanitarian field this year are particularly relevant

Representatives of more than thirty countries participate in the XXIV Minsk International Book Fair. Among the participants - and the Standing Committee of the Union State


About the Order of the development and implementation of the Union State projects

February 10, 2017 signed by the Council of Ministers of the Union State Decree № 5, which approved the procedure for the development and implementation of the Union State projects


The Standing Committee discussed the implementation of the Russian-Belarusian program in the military-industrial and scientific-technical spheres

Meeting with representatives of the ministries and departments held a Union State Secretary Grigory Rapota


Grigory Rapota about the Russian-Belarusian military-industrial programs areas: Offers a lot, there is interest in developing cooperation

State Secretary of the Union State held a meeting with representatives of the power ministries, and scientific corporations, artists and union programs customers


Grigory Rapota visited the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow

February 7, 2017 the State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus visited one of the most advanced Russian museums and major cultural and educational complex


Grigory Rapota: Russians and Belarusians are grieving together, sharing a common terrible grief

In connection with the crash of the Tu-154 over the Black Sea Union State Secretary sent his condolences to the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, FGBI "Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army named after AV Alexandrov "Russian Defense Ministry, the International public organization" Fair Aid ", JSC" TRK RF Armed Forces "STAR", OAO "First Channel", JSC "NTV"


Grigory Rapota congratulates People's Artist of the RSFSR, member of the Union of Writers of Russia Mikhail Nozhkin 80th birthday

Union State Secretary pointed out that by the poet and artist of the song and images of his work in the movie genuinely loved both Russians and Belarusians


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