The activities of the Standing Committee

Meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia on Legislation and Regulations took place in Mogilev

The focus of the meeting was on the formation of a single migration and visa space of the Union State


Grigory Rapota met with the Governor of the Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky

The key topic of discussion was the situation with the closure of the "Krasnaya Gorka" checkpoint for the passage of foreign citizens


The Standing Committee of the Union State handed over to the Russian State Library publications issued at the expense of the Union State budget

Among them - the book "Simeon of Polotsk. Eagle of Russia" and "Francis Skaryna - a man of peace"


Belarusian children's sanatoriums prepare to host the first group of Chernobyl children

On April 22, the Belarusian Children's Rehabilitation and Wellness Center "Svitanak" will host the first this year group of children in the framework of the Union State project on the organization of treatment and rehabilitation of children from the regions of Belarus and Russia, the most affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe


Aleksey Kubrin: It is necessary to determine the terms and priorities, so that when launching the union programs, follow the strategies of our development

Deputy Secretary of State - member of the Standing Committee on April 13 took part in the meeting of the Inter-Academic Council on the Problems of Development of the Union State


Grigory Rapota: The exploration of outer space is a great creative force

On April 13, the State Secretary of the Union State took part in the festive evening "Dedicated to Belarusian Heroes of Space ...", which took place in the Business and Cultural Complex of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation


Union parliamentarians of Belarus and Russia to discuss the formation of a single migration and visa space in Mogilev

The main topic of the meeting will be harmonization of the legislation of Belarus and Russia and ensuring equal rights of citizens of the Union State in the field of migration


Grigory Rapota to students: You have a new outlook on life, and this look is important to us

State Secretary of the Union State took part in the Days of Science at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations


The development of the machine-tool industry of the Union State was discussed at the Delegation of the Standing Committee in Minsk

Machine builders of the Union State created the engineering company OOO SoyuzStankOngineering in 2016


Towards the Day of Unity in Minsk: a grand meeting in the Big

On March 31, a solemn evening was held in Minsk on which the Deputy State Secretary of the Union State Ivan Bambiza


"Jewels" on the Day of Unity: celebrations in honor of the Union of Russia and Belarus were held at the Bolshoi Theater

Moscow celebrated the 21st anniversary of the integration of our countries


Grigory Rapota: This year we touched on the cardinal issues that in the future will determine the development of the Union State

On the eve of the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Russia and Belarus, the State Secretary of the Union State told journalists about the union programs, the prospects for cooperation between Russia and Belarus and ways to solve the problematic issues of bilateral relations


The Permanent Committee of the Union State discussed the improvement of the infrastructure of the penitentiary institutions of Belarus and Russia

Representatives of the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation


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